Brokered Equipment

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G-Tek Resaw

Item # T11005

S/N 8411310051400B001142, 100 HP motor, 16×16 capacity, 5″ band (approx. 20 bands), w/ infeed, positioner and turner, outfeed and stop gate/separator, complete run around, 2 control cabs w/ computer setworks, w/ 3 hydraulic packs, w/ 1 30 HP and 2 25 HP motors and control center, 20 HP suction blower

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Meadows 2 Saw Vertical Edger w/2 movable saws;
Item #T11000;
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 -Jeffrey Hog; Item #T11001;
Model #40 WB; w/Sub Base ;
w/200 HP Motor;
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-Jeffrey Shreddar Hammer Mill #T11002;
SN# 14006;
Model #42×36
w/Sub Base,
w/250 HP Motor
w/ 2 sets of hammers;
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 Mellot Slab Chopper; Item #11003
w/Vibrating and Hydraulic Power Pack
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-MIC 45 Bay Sorter; Item #T10942;
w/Infeed with Even End Rolls;
w/7 Arm Temple System; w/220′ 5 Strand Carry out Deck
w/Drive; w/Softac Laser Beam Reader;
w/Klaussen All Mark System;
w/Controls; w/20 HP Hyd Power Pack
$400,000.00 reduced $275,000.00
James Savage 865.617.9122








-Lamb Hog; Item #T10930; w/Starter; w/200 HP Motor;
Contact James Savage 865.617.9122






Hog, No Top; Item #T10932; w/Motor
Contact James Savage 865.617.9122






-Custom Built Resaw; 16 x 16 Capacity; Item #T10925
w/Infeed; w/Turner Outfeed; w/Stop Gate; w/Transfer
& Turn Around System;
James Savage 865.617.9122






Viking 504 Nailer; Item #T10921; Ave. Production 1800-48×40 a day;
Contact James Savage 865.617.9122











-Helle 48″ 3 Head Block Sawmill; Item #T10899; w/Homemade Turners on 2 Head Blocks
w/Pop up Rollers Mounted on Carriage ; w/Hammer Dog; w/60 HP Carriage Drive; w/Track
w/Helle 4′ x 5′ Saw Cab; w/Helle Setworks; w/Log Turner; w/Stop & Loader
w/Log Deck; Hydraulics Included; No Husk or Off Bearing Rollers;

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Planer and Rip Line Consisting of
2002 Mereen Johnson MDL 424-DC/SR4 Gang Rip; w/75 Hp Electric Motor
20′ Infeed Belt Conveyor w/30′ Belt; w/Motor & Drive
19′ Newman Outfeed Belt Conveyor w/30″ Belt; w/Motor & Drive
28′ 6 Strand Board Dealer Deck w/Motor & Drive; Catwalk
16′ Infeed Belt to Scanner w/30″ Belt, Motor & Drive
2001 Nova Technologies Dysis Scanning Device
29′ Outfeed Belt Conveyor w/30″ Belt, Motor & Drive
18′ Rollcase w/48″ Rolls; w/7 Strand Transfer w/22′ 7 Strand Deck

-18′ Infeed Rollcase to Gang w/Positioning Bar
7′ Outfeed Belt Conveyor w/30″ Belt, Motor & Drive
2007 Progressive MDL SB/D31-36 Multiple Gang Rip w/Control Boxes; S/N-PS20034
18′ Infeed Rollcase to Gang Saw w/Positioning Bar
8′ Outfeed Belt Conveyor w/48″ Belt, Motor & Drive
(2) Progressive Systems Saw Tables
2002 Welma America Inc MDL Wood Waste Grinder Machine w/Control Box
21′ x 17′ Welma America Vibrating Conveyor w/Motor & Drive
16′ 5 Strand Lumber Deck w/Motor & Drive
18′ Infeed Rollcase to Gang Saw w/Positioning Bar w/Motor & Drive
1989 Mereen Johnson MDL 424 Moving blades Gang Rip Saw w/Control Boxes; S/N-MJ4200
28′ Belt Conveyor 34″ Belt w/Motor & Drive
Item #T10873;
Contact James Savage 865-617-9122




-Newman S282 Planer; Item #T10872; S/N-14655;
w/Helical Quiet Cut Head; w/40 HP Motor on Top Head;
w/25 HP on Bottom Head; w/15 HP Hyd Power Pack;
w/Infeed & Outfeed Belt Conveyor; w/Motor Control;

w/Starter for Planer; w/Parts & Sharpener;
Contact James Savage 865.617.9122







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