1796 EAST HWY 42

ATTICA IN, 47918

AUGUST 5, 2017





-Precision 36” Rosser Head Debarker Model P636 w/Custom Built Cab; w/Controls


-Mellott 19”x37’ Vibrating Conveyor w/Drive


-Belt Conveyor 14”x24’ w/Drive


-100 HP Hydraulic Shotgun Carriage Drive w/Controls


-Sanborn 4 Head Block 42” Carriage w/Electric Over Hydraulic Setworks; w/55’ of Track;

w/End of Track Bumpers; w/All Steel Husk;

w/Top Saw; w/(1) 56” Circle Saw; w/(1) 36” Top Circle Saw;

w/100 HP on Main Saw; w/25 HP On Top Saw; w/4’x42” Control Cab


-All Electrical 460 3 Phase


-All Starters & Disconnnects included with Equipment


-Bar Type Log Turner w/Hydraulic Power Pack; w/Controls


-Sanborn 4 Strand 22’ Log Deck; w/Nose Skids; w/5 Arm Stops & Loader; w/Electric Drive


-Webster 24”x50’ Vibrating Conveyor; w/Drive


-Precision 18”x60’ Vibrating Conveyor w/Drive; w/Fines Section


-Mellott 19”x42’ Vibrating Conveyor w/Transition Spout


-Cornell 300B Double Arbor Gang w/(2) 125 HP Motors; SN#-334-Not in Use


-Rollcase 28”x17’ w/Spiral Rolls; w/6” Rolls; w/Drive


-Rollcase 36”x45’ w/8” Rolls; w/Drive


-Smith Auto Cut Off Saw w/24” Saws; w/10 HP Motor Infeed; w/Outfeed; w/Indexing System


-WSM Horizontal Hog Model 2822BH SN# 46740; w/150 HP Motor; w/Power Feed


-Cornell 24” Suction Blower; w/Approximately 70’of Blow Pipe


-Cornell 50’ Barn Sweep Conveyor w/Drive


-Collector Deck 16’ 4 Strand w/Rooftop Chain; w/Drive


-Augusta 48’ 4 Strand Green Chain; w/81X Chain; w/Drive


-Dewalt Radial Arm Saw w/Gravity Roll Infeed & Outfeed


-Cornell 42” Saw Edger; w/(2) Movable Saws; w/Manual Set; w/Infeed;

w/Single Tailing System; w/Motor; 2 Line Laser Light System


-Custom Built Center Split Resaw; w/Positioner; w/Motor & Controls


-Augusta 16’ Drop Saw Trimmer; Not Installed; Shaft Driven


-1981 Weinig Profile Sharpener Model R930 SN# 903/1D2


-Diehl Straight Line Rip Saw


-Mattison 276 4 Head Moulder


-Acme Circle Saw Sharpener